TMI 58-06 Parker Print-Surf (Single Head)

Product Ref: TMI 58-06

The Parker Print-Surf (PPS) is designed to accurately measure the surface roughness of sheet materials.


Developed from Dr. John Parker's original method, the Parker Print-Surf (PPS) is designed to accurately measure the surface roughness of sheet materials under conditions similar to those experienced during the printing process.

The sample is clamped between a precision engineered measuring head and a specifically designed backing assembly. It provides the information you need to avoid time-consuming, costly printing problems.

From Messmer Büchel BV, a TMI Group of Companies brand.


ASTM D 3786, ASTM D 774, BS 4768, ISO 1328-2:1999, ISO 2758, ISO 2759, ISO 2960


Ink and Printability Testing, Medical Product Testing, Package Testing, Paper and Tissue Testing, Surface Property Testing


Inks and Coatings, Paper and Pulp


Porosity, Printability, Roughness, Smoothness

A microprocessor- controlled instrument which performs high speed, precision measurements of paper surface roughness.


  • Number of measuring heads: One or two (58-07-00-0001)
  • Roughness range-normal: 0.20 - 6.50μm
  • Roughness range-high: 6.0 – 15.0μm
  • Air permeance range - ISO 5636/1: 0 – 14.5μm.Pas
  • Air permeance range – Bendtsen equivalent: 0-10000ml/min
  • Air permeance range- Gurley equivalent: 1-6000s
  • Clamp pressures – preset: 500, 1000, and 2000kPa
  • Clamp pressures – custom setting: 100 – 5000kPa
  • Conforms to ISO 8791/4 and TAPPI T555
58-06 Parker Print Surf (PPS) photo 2.


  • Membrane keypad operation
  • Dust purger
  • Automatic
  • specimen detection
  • One-touch statistics display
  • Built-in diagnostic routines
  • Built-in calibration routine for plastic and paper reference standards
  • Calibration device included
  • Dual range to measure rougher samples
  • Extended clamp pressure range for better printing simulation
  • Measures roughness both sides or roughness/air permeance simultaneously (Dual Head Model only)

Instrument Size

  Depth:   558 mm (22 in.)
  Height:   430 mm (17 in.)
  Width:   380 mm (15 in.)


  Electrical:   85/264v AC, 47/440Hz 100VA Stable voltage (fluctuation free).
  Air:   550-700 kPa (instrument quality)


  • Thermal mini-printer
  • Test-Link Data Acquisition Software
  • Calibration Disc Set

Ordering Information

Single Head Model: Catalog #58-06-00-0001
Double Head Model: Catalog #58-07-00-0001