Chalmers DST MD Torsional Stiffness

Product Ref: Chalmers DST

The Chalmers DST uniquely measures the MD Torsional Stiffness of corrugated board, to quantify how well the board has been made, how much damage occurred during converting, and how well the board protects it's contents.

Boxes fail in service for many reasons and this may result in damaged contents and very unhappy customers. Invisible damage to the structure of the corrugated board making up the box can have a devastating effect on box stacking strength and general performance. The Chalmers DST can find this damage and help prevent its occurence.

The Chalmers DST (Dynamic Stiffness Tester) presents corrugated board manufacturers and users with a very powerful, innovative new tool to measure the potential performance of their corrugated board.

The DST measures the MD Torsional Stiffness (Shear Stiffness) of corrugated board. This test is very sensitive to the overall performance of the corrugated board especially the fluted medium.

MD Torsional Stiffness measures how well the corrugated board has been made, how much damage is received during the printing and converting process and how well it will protect its contents in real world service environments.

The major upside is the establishment of consistent quality product that will allow the down weighting of components.

The test is quick and easy to perform and will lead to other savings from the abandonment of redundant QC tests like thickness, flat crush, ECT and BCT.