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RDM Test Equipment is a leading world supplier of test equipment for the flexible packaging industry.

We are aware that our customers demand the highest levels of support and after sales service. Therefore our objective is to provide a no compromise back up for the equipment we provide.

Part of our commitment to our customers is the professional calibration and breakdown service we offer, either directly in UK and Ireland, or via our trained worldwide partners.

On Site Calibration


Our engineer comes to your site to carry out a comprehensive calibration service. This allows for short down times as the equipment will only be out of service during the engineers visit. In this time it will be serviced, calibrated and issued with a traceable UKAS certificate.

In House Calibration

This is in our controlled facility in our factory in Hertfordshire. Your equipment will be serviced and calibrated at a fraction of the cost.

Why use RDM for your service and calibration services?

Quality is our business. We understand that the reliability of your product
not only depends on the test equipment but also the support that stands
behind the test equipment.

With today’s high quality standards, certification traceability is becoming increasingly important. With expert knowledge of products in our industry, RDM can offer a comprehensive calibration programme for all your test equipment. We also offer calibration services with traceable certification for a large number of non-RDM manufactured instruments.

Our service support department has the ability to provide support at all levels including equipment installation, calibration and training.

All calibration equipment and verification equipment is certified and traceable to national standard laboratories.


Our contracts can be tailored to suit an individual customers needs. By discussing your requirements with us we can create a contract that works specifically for you.

To give you advanced notification of a due calibration, a reminder will be sent one month in advance.

RDM combine the highest level of customer support with a complete range of field and in house service and calibration options, to help assure your test equipment performs when it matters.

For service calibration and training, please contact our Service Department on: +44(0)1279 817171 or e-mail sales__AT__rdmtest__DOT__com