Thermostatic Chambers

Product Ref: TC-Range

A range of Thermostatic Chambers, with capacities from 65 to 300 litres, and temperature range from 3deg.C to 40deg.C

Thermostatic Cabinets provide chamber temperatures settable from 3°C to 40°C, a cost effective alternative to Cooled Incubators. 

Thermostatic Cabinets provide a combination of heating and cooling producing a controlled environment with fan circulation for consistent chamber temperature. Featuring bold illuminated LCD display with easy to use touch sensitive controls on a wipe clean surface. 

The aluminium lined chamber features a solid hinged lockable door and an access port. Supplied with wire shelves that can be adjusted for height on runners inside the chamber. 

Factory calibrated at 37°C and supplied with certificate.


NE7-ST1 65 litre Thermostatic Chamber

NE7-ST2 150 litre Thermostatic Chamber

NE7-ST3 200 litre Thermostatic Chamber

NE7-ST4 250 litre Thermostatic Chamber

NE7-ST5 300 litre Thermostatic Chamber



Featuring bold illuminated LCD graphic display of measured temperatures in real-time, in increments of ±0.1°C, with fan speed status, set temperature, date and time.

Intuitive to use controls, utilising illuminated touch sensitive keypads with display prompts assisting the setting of functions within the unit. 

Thermostatic Cabinet can be set to run continuously at set temperature, timed from [00h:01m] up to 30 days or delay start [00h:01m] to [99:59m]. 

With three available programs and up to 6 segments in each it allows the creation of temperature time profiles of your choice. When a program is running the controls are locked preventing accidental interruption or change however stopping a program is straightforward.

Additional features, defrost function, temperature sensor alarm, power fail alarm and real time clock.

Fan Speed:

The Fan speed can be set from 0% no air convection within the chamber to 100% for maximum air convection.


Data logging of temperatures with date and times and an event log records.

Safety Features:

Switching on, the controls undergo an automatic diagnostic check. 

Features a temperature sensor fail alarm with error reporting on LCD screen. 

Power failure control with auto resume and event recording. 

Setting of High and Low temperature Alarm, settable 0 – 5°C about set temperature. 

Door opening generates an audible beep and indication on LCD display. When a program is running and should the door be left open a Door Alarm occurs, illuminating a red warning indicator and audible beeping until closed. 

Safety Class:

Fitted with Class 1 for overall unit protection.

Optional Accessories:

Additional interior glass door - Retains temperature in the chamber once solid door is opened allowing viewing. Hinges open for access. Toughened glass.

Exterior glass door - Visual access in to chamber without opening the door.

Wire shelf, max 10kg load - For 150 to 300 litre Thermostatic Cabinets.

Perforated shelf, stainless steel for 300 litre cabinet.

Internal power socket for Fan Assisted S range only - This factory fit accessory provides a UK 3pin 230V power supply inside the chamber of S series Incubator for powering Mixers or lighting.

Auto Defrost - Frost free chamber


  • Before ordering please check the room or building access where this unit will be installed and electrical power requirements.
  • Sensitivity measurements based on temperature readings on shelf in centre of the chamber.
  • Working capacity of chamber may be smaller.
  • Do not place in direct sunlight or near a heat or cold source.
  • Allow a 100mm air gap away from wall at rear. Ensure there is a minimum 300mm air gap from top of the unit to ceiling.