TMI 43-62 Falling Dart Impact Tester

Product Ref: TMI 43-62

The Advanced Falling Dart Impact Tester is intended for the determination of mechanical properties of packaging material such as plastic films, laminates and paper.


This new Ray-Ran Bench-Top Falling Dart Impact Tester provides a method for determining the energy that causes thin flexible materials such as plastic film, paper and composite sheets to fail under specified conditions of impact from a free-falling dart. The energy required to tear or puncture the test specimen is expressed in terms of the dart's weight which would result in the failure of 50% of specimens being tested per ASTM and ISO testing standards.  


Film and Foil Testing, Plastic Testing, Package Testing


Flexible Packaging and Films, Other, Plastics and Resins


Burst Strength


ASTM D 1709-62 Procedure A, ASTM D 1709-62 Procedure B, ISO 7765


  • Complies to ASTM D1709 methods A & B (optional), ISO 7765
  • New, easy to use and robust LCD interface with automated ASTM 'Staircase Method' with use prompts and automated analysis. Features fully customizable test method construction and library functions.
  • Fully compatible with Techni-Test software (provided with instrument) for graphical display of the staircase analysis and permanent storage of data.
  • Drop height as standard 660mm – with method A dart and weights supplied
  • Optional Method B Kit consisting of a 1500mm Drop Height, Dart Release Head, Method B dart & weights
  • Optional Floor Stand
  • Pneumatic clamping system, constant sample tension for repeatability
  • Pneumatic actuated dart release mechanism with audible pre-warning
  • Electrical interlock safety guard
  • Traceable Calibration Certificate
  • 1 year return to base warranty
  • Weight 35kg, width 40cm, depth 50cm, height 100cm


Electrical: none

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  • 43-62