TMI 17-36 Short Span Compression Tester

Product Ref: TMI 17-36

The Short Span Compression Tester is an advanced microprocessor-controlled instrument for determining the compression strength of fluting medium or test liner, and offers unrivaled repeatability and reproducibility. Considerable cost savings are possible through accurate prediction of corrugated component performance.


The Short Span Compression Tester measures the compression strength of paper and board.The span or gap is set to distance between 0.3-0.7mm. When performing a compressiontest on such a short distance, the stability of the clamps and instrument are critical. The 17-36 Short Span Compression Tester incorporates a precision mechanical design to reduce frictional errors, providing unmatched accuracy and repeatability.

Test Results

SCT - Short Span Compression is considered an important property and can be used to predict the performance of container board used in the manufacture of corrugated boxes. A 15mm wide sample is placed between two air operated clamps and compressed. The maximum compressive strength is reported in Kilonewtons per meter.


AS/NZ 1301.4SO RP, BS 7325, DIN 54518, ISO 9895, SCAN P46, TAPPI T 826


Corrugated Testing, Package Testing


Corrugated and Board, Flexible Packaging and Films, Paper and Pulp, Other, Packaging


Compressive Strength, Strength


  • Load cell range: 500N or 250N
  • Measuring Units: N, kN/m, Lb and Lb/inch
  • Accuracy: 1% of reading
  • Test Speed Mov. Jaw: 3mm/min +/- 1mm/min
  • Adjustable Span: 0.3 - 0.7 mm (steps 0.1)
  • Span Accuracy: 0.05mm
  • Conforms to TAPPI T 826, ISO 9895, SCAN P46,
    AS/NZ 1301.4SO RP, BS 7325, DIN 54518


  • New compact and modern design
  • Unique clamping mechanism
  • Automatic clamping of sample
  • Touch screen
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Statistical information
  • Serial printer output
  • GrapgMasterPro compatible

Instrument Size

  Depth:   430 mm
  Height:   195 mm
  Width:   420 mm

Optional / Accessories

  • GraphMasterPro 
  • 22-25 Sample Cutter
  • Footswitch


Electrical: Specify voltage requirements when ordering

Air: (instrument quality) 600 kPa

Connections: RS232, Mini USB, Footswitch connector

Ordering Information

Catalog Number 17-36