Transmission Densitometers TBX1000/1500/2000 Series

Product Ref: TBX 1000/1500/2000

Transmission densitometers measuring ISO Virtual diffuse Optical Density.

The TBX1000™ Transmission Densitometer measures ISO Visual diffuse Optical Density (OD) to 6.00D. This wide measuring range allows evaluation of many types of film, laminates, and substrates. The TBX1500™ also calculates positive and negative dot areas while the TBX2000™ measures percent opacity and transmission. The data can be uploaded to spreadsheets via the USB port. To meet special requirements an optional filter carrier may be supplied allowing supplementary filters to be used to isolate a portion of the spectrum that may be of interest. The TBX™ can show deviations from a stored reference value for all functions.


  • Soft key menu operation
  • Advance optical system to meet various industries’ specifications
  • 7.5 inch throat to measure large samples
  • Readings are very repeatable with a high degree of accuracy
  • Optional band pass filter
  • USB port standard
  • Software Calibration
  • Switchable LED table lamps
  • Excellent for measuring optical densities of metalized films.


Optical Design: ANSI PH2.19

Display: Graphical LCD (128x64 pixel)
Apertures: 1, 2, 3mm
Throat Length (Arm): 7.5 inches (191mm)
Output Port: USB
Power: 12V via universal 110/220 Adapter
Measuring Range: 0 to 6.00D
Accuracy: ±0.02D
Precision: ±0.01D
Warm-up Time: None


Model Part Number Functions 
TBX1000 FD343-10 (USA);
FF343-10 (Intl.) 
Density; Density Difference 
TBX1500 FD343-15 (USA);
FF343-15 (Intl.) 
Density; Density Difference;
Positive and Negative Dot Areas
TBX2000  FD343-20 (USA);
FF343-20 (Intl.) 
Density, Density Difference;
% Transmission; % Opacity


Consult factory for custom filter option.