Product Ref: Permatran-W 3/61

Water Vapour Transmission Rate (WVTR) test system for flat films of packages. Test up to 6 samples simultaneously on a single module

Is the most recent addition in permeation test systems for measuring water vapor transmission rates of barrier films and packages. The Permatran-W® Model 3/61 was designed to provide you with fast, accurate answers for all of your packaging needs. Ideal systems for production and QC/QA testing applications. This system incorporates the latest in high-sensitivity sensor design and features 6 test cells for flexibility and speed. Includes precise RH and temperature measurement and control, user selectable sensitivity, package testing capabilities and N.I.S.T. (National Institute of Standard and Technology) traceable calibration films.


Used for

  • Quality check and quality assurance of production of barrier films and packages


  • ASTM F-1249
  • TAPPI T557
  • JIS K-7129

 Technical data:

Test Range Films  0,01-500g/m²/day
Test Temperature Range     20°C - 65°C
Controlled RH Testing   35% - 90% RH
    100% RH