Product Ref: Permatran-C 4/41

Carbon Dioxide permeation rate measurement system for films and packages.

PERMATRAN-C® Model 4/41 4/41 is a carbon dioxide (CO2) transmission rate test system for assessing barrier films and package materials. The PERMATRAN-C® Model 4/41 is ideally suited for rapidly predicting product shelf-life, or checking the quality of incoming and outgoing packaging materials. These results aid in structure development and prevent costly over packaging. The PERMATRAN-C Model 4/41's perform tests directly at "real world" temperature and CO2 levels. The system's transmission rate software will control up to 20 test cells in a system. In addition, the software reduces the possibility of errors with its ability to automatically determine equilibrium and compensate for any flow changes. Pre-programmed test formats, computer and menu-driven screens make it easy to generate and interpret data test data. Like all MOCON permeation test systems, the PERMATRAN-C® Model 4/41 is modular. A flexible, dual-film, test-cell configuration and optional package environmental chamber allows for testing both flat films and finished packages.


Used for

  • Research and Development of barrier films and packages
  • Quality check

Technical data:

Test Range Films 1-800.000cc/m²/day
  Packages  0,005-775cc/pkg/day
Test Temperature Range     5°C - 50°C