OpTech®-O2 Platinum

Product Ref: OpTech

Optical fluorescence Oxygen Analyser for measuring Headspace, Dissolved Oxygen, and Oxygen Permeation of films and packages.

MOCON’S OpTech-O2 Platinum is the ideal multi-purpose analyzer for food, beverage, pharmaceutical and medical applications where measuring oxygen and understanding its effect on product and product shelf life is critical. The versatile OpTech-O2 provides accurate results, simply and effectively.

The OpTech-O²-Platinum is a non-destructive Oxygen analysis device with 3 test modes for measuring headspace O², dissolved O² in a liquid and barrier film O² permeation properties.

Because the sensor does not consume any gas, measurements can be repeated on the same pack to create an O² v Time profile over the product shelf life. Applications include modified atmosphere food packaging, beverage containers, and pharma/medical packs, in both R&D and QC environments.

The system measures changes in fluorescence of platinum chemistry sensors. Sensor types include a non-destructive in-pack sticky pad for dry or liquid contents, a pin ‘Impulse’ sensor that sticks to the pack with the sensor piercing through to the inside, and a needle sensor for single value measurements. Packs with very small headspace can be tested.

An optional test cell can be loaded with a barrier film to measure Oxygen Transmission Rate, including the permeation rate of perforated films. 5 in 1 applications - Headspace O² Analysis, Dissolved O² Content, O² Permeation of films and packages, O² perforation, and gross leak testing.

Application Note - Measuring Oxygen transmission rates in Perforated Films

Application note - New ASTM Standard F3136

  • Quality Control checks of MAP packs, single value or time profile
  • For liquid contents, measure headspace O² and dissolved O²
  • O² permeation rate of packages & films, including porous & perforated films
  • Very small headspace volume packs
  • Determine shelf life for an Oxygen sensitive product
  • Detect packages with gross leaks.

Advantages of platinum chemistry:

  • Increased sensitivity
  • Stable in ambient light
  • Less affected by temperature changes
  • Reusable and greatly increased life
  • Visible non-uv light source for simple, accurate aiming.

Cutting edge software:

  • Users report that this is the simplest, most effective software in use.
  • Store unlimited data points for each test               
  • Run an unlimited number of concurrent tests.
  • Continuously monitor O2 in real time.
  • Graph O2% vs time curves as well as transmission rate.
  • Set headspace values with pass/fail limits.
  • Built in temperature and barometric compensation.
  • With bar codes, or test number automatically retrieve previous sample data.


Trust MOCON to come up with a break-through method of simply calibrating the OpTech, no tank gas needed! The CalCard. Just select "Calibrate" in the software or read the bar code on the CalCard®. Read both oxygen amounts and you're done. It really is as simple as that.