OX-TRAN ® 2/48

Product Ref: Ox-Tran 2/48

The OX-TRAN 2/48 series is the ideal solution for ambient whole package testing for OTR, testing more packages in less time than traditional methods.

The OX-TRAN® 2/48 series of Oxygen Transmission Rate (OTR) analyzers are designed for ambient testing of complete packages or other 3-dimensional samples. These 8 cell instruments provide high throughput to increase the testing capacity of your laboratory.  The 2-bank design allows 4 samples to be conditioned at the same time as the 4 samples are being examined.  This parallel operation greatly increases the efficiency of the analyzer while still providing the accurate and repeatable results you expect from MOCON.  They utilize the same interchangeable package testing cartridge designs as our other package testing analyzers and fixtures. These revolutionary cartridges offer simplified sample preparation and improved repeatability of test results. There is a wide variety of cartridge designs available to accommodate different package sizes and types, many without the use of epoxy.

High Efficiency Package Testing

  • Parallel conditioning and testing cells increase throughput
  • Automated conditioning cycle reduces time to prepare samples for testing
  • High Flow purge cycle is up to 20 times faster than traditional methods
  • Simple and secure One-button pneumatic cartridge mounting 
  • Easy to use package test cartridges save time to prepare samples
  • Quick response Coulox sensor reduces testing time

Trusted Results

  • MOCON Patented Coulox® sensor is absolute and never needs calibration
  • Long Life Coulometric sensor with exclusive 4 -year warranty 
  • Intrinsic sensor fully complies with ASTM D 3985 
  • Integrate TruSeal to minimize background levels for more accurate results
  • Automated Flow and RH control on carrier gas for both conditioning and test cells

The OX-TRAN 2/48 analyzers can test the Oxygen Transmission Rate (OTR) on both films and packages from low to high barriers.  

The simple user interface with automated controls makes testing easy with little training.  In certain applications, starting a new test may be a simple as a press of a button after the sample is mounted.  Common tests methods can be stored and recalled for reuse.  For new or unknown sample types, the Auto-Test function will automatically adjust the test parameters to provide optimized test results without having experience with the package.

A variety of testing cartridges are available to test trays, bottles, flexible containers, pouches, cups, pods, caps, closures, cartons, films and just about any other type of 3-dimensional sample. Custom designed cartridges are also available to simplify sample preparation and improve testing repeatability.


This family of instruments has 2 models with different lower detection limits. 

  • H Model (common barriers) - detection range from 0.00025 to 1 cc/package*day 
  • L Model (high barriers) - is able to achieve a factor of 10 lower than the H Model providing a range from 0.000025 to 1 cc/package * day


  • ASTM D3985
  • JIS 126-B
  • ASTM FF1927
  • DIN 53380-3
  • ASTM F 2622
  • ASTM F1307 packages
  • ISO 15105-2

For more than 25 years, MOCON’s OX-TRAN series of instruments have been the most trusted and longest lasting on the market. The OX-TRAN 2/48 series is the newest option available that takes whole package testing to the next level allowing brand owners and packaging service providers the ability to reliably test their finished packages. It is the perfect complement to any testing laboratory who frequently tests complete packages or other 3-dimensional samples.