OX-TRAN ® 2/21 10x

Product Ref: Ox-Tran 2/21 10x

Detects and measures extremely small amounts of oxygen as it passes through barrier materials such as plastics and composites used in all forms of packaging.

Oxygen permeation measurement system for films and packaging

The new OX-TRAN 2/21 10x model offers ten times the sensitivity of the previous OX-TRAN 2/21 L. An ultra-high barrier oxygen transmission rate (OTR) measurement instrument incorporating MOCON's newest proprietary Coulox® sensor.

The new TruSealTM technology as well as improved electronics allow measurement of barriers starting from 5 x 10-4 cm³/m²/day.


 ASTM D-3985 Films

ASTM F-1927 Films

ASTM F-1307 Packages

DIN 53380 Teil 3 Films

ISO CD 15105-2

JIS K-7126 Films