Lippke® VC 1380

Product Ref: VC1380

Vacuum Leak Detection System for Blisters and other rigid or semi rigid Packages

The vacuum blister tester LIPPKE® VC 1380 finds the smallest leaks in tablet blisters as well as other flexible or (semi) rigid packages. It automates the well known methylene blue dye test and gives an extensive documentation when a test is finished. Test vacuum and times are adjustable and can be stored into a data base within the system. This guarantees a 100 % reproducability i.e. same products will always be tested with the same parameters.



  • comfortable setup of test parameters
  • parameter data base within the system for 100 % reproducability
  • automatically printed test report with user and product name
  • access protection by PIN login
  • IQ/OQ validation documents (optional)
  • multi language user interface

Technical Data:

Supply: Vacuum source: Separate double-headed membrane vacuum pump
  Supply voltage: 230V AC 50/60 Hz, changeable to 110V
Units: Pressure units: mbar, mmHg, psi
  Vacuum: adjustable up to max .900mbar
  Accuracy: + 0,5 % FSC
  Reproducibility: + 2mbar
Environment:   Temperature: +5 bis +40 °C
  Air RH: 0...90% non condensing
  Protection degree:  IP 43