Hand Operated Test Sample Cutting Press

Product Ref: RR/HCP

Hand Operated Test Sample Cutting Press to produce samples from plastics, fabrics, boards and paper

Specifically designed to cut test samples such as tensile bars from relatively flexible sheet the Ray-Ran Hand Operated Test Sample Cutting Press will produce samples from plastics, fabrics, boards and paper. In most cases, the thickness of the material that can be cut will not just depend on the strength of the material, but also on the lateral flexibility of the material to allow the cutter to penetrate down into, and pass through the material.

The press is supplied with a cutting base of 30cm x 15cm and a polypropylene cutting board to support the material the sample is to be cut from. Four fixing holes in the base plate enable the press to be securely fastened to a rigid bench or worktop to obtain the optimum cutting load. To ensure maximum performance the cutter must be set up relative to the cutting board so that at full stroke, the cutter will just depress the surface of the cutting board.

The fixing arbour on the press will accept a 25mm dia cutting tool shank as standard. Other size fixing arbours can be supplied to customer requirements.

The Ray-Ran Hand Operated Cutting Press can generate a cutting force of up to 6KN depending on the strength of the operator.

Technical Specification

  • 30cm x 15cm sample platform
  • Cutting force up to 6KN
  • Polypropylene cutting board
  • Adjustable cutting arbor with locking handle
  • Suitable for rubber, plastic, paper, fabric or laminates
  • Product user manual
  • CE declaration certificate
  • 1 year return to base warranty

Optional Ancillaries

  • Test sample cutters to any International standard
  • Traceable calibration certificate (cutters only)
  • Polypropylene cutting board