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  • New carton tester - a first for complete cartons

    Posted on 18/09/2013

    by Phil Neal

    The new 3-in-1 Newton Laboratory Carton Tester (LCT) from Cerulean is the first equipment to quality test a whole carton.

    The LCT carton tester is easy to use and provides highly accurate and realistic quality results for cartons up to 590mm wide and 8mm thick .  It also speeds up testing by removing additional carton sample preparation and equipment.

    The Newton LCT combines three essential quality control tests to measure crease strength and box-forming force. It also measures slip resistance and friction properties to eliminate carton sticking and feeding problems during high speed packing.

    Analysis and reporting through the LCT’s graphic user interface provides data that enables users at all stages of carton production and packing to predict performance and improve packing speeds.  The LCT helps improve supplier performance, facilitates consistent carton quality, reduces downtime and minimises waste.

    The system is suitable for cartons made from corrugated, paper board and waxed carton board. It measures the torque required to bend a crease or form a box, providing an instantaneous curve that shows the torque for every degree of deflection.  This provides easy comparison between sites, batches and carton types to help achieve overall quality consistency.