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  • 15th International MOCON conference

    Posted on 12/04/2017

    by Phil Neal

    On 23rd May, 2017 experts of the packaging industry will meet at Hotel Zugbrücke in Grenzau/Germany for the 15th international MOCON Conference.


    Besides challenging presentations the seminar is a unique opportunity to learn more about the "Tips and Tricks" for getting the most out of your MOCON equipment, discovering the right ways in which the equipment should be used, and to meet other users with the opportunity of sharing application experiences.


    In the past, the seminar was quickly booked up. We therefore recommend that you register soon. Further information, the program and the registration form can be found in the flyer. Click here for further information.

  • Hemetek Techno visits RDM

    Posted on 25/11/2016

    by Phil Neal

    RDM were proud to welcome our esteemed colleagues from Indian distributor Hemetek Techno Instruments, to RDM Head Office. Mr Viraj Devasthale and Mr Ganesh Patil were presented with a Certificate of Achievement in recognition of their valued business contribution over the last 2 years.

    Our colleagues shared their insights into future customer needs, and their knowledge of the growing Indian market.

  • SealScopeā„¢ compatible packaging machines continues to grow

    Posted on 17/10/2016

    by Phil Neal

    More and more leading companies in the food, pet care and pharma industry throughout the world are successfully using SealScope™ to improve their outgoing packaging quality, monitor their production and reduce their packaging cost.

    Hence the list of packaging machines compatible with SealScope™ is growing rapidly. Recent additions include SN-Maschinenbau, PFM, Inno-tech and UVA.

    SealScope™ also succesfully operates on the following packaging machines: Fuji Packaging, ToyoJidoki, Leepack, Ilapak, VH Verpakkingsmachines, Omori, Volpak, KHS, Bosch Packaging and Kliklok Woodman.

  • The Permeation and Barrier Materials Learnshop

    Posted on 04/04/2016

    by Phil Neal


    The latest meeting in the RDM Learnshop series, held at The Institute of Materials / The Packaging Society, Grantham, focused on packaging materials and their impact on shelf life. The Learnshop attracted delegates from across the UK, who enjoyed a wide range of informative lectures.

    Andreas Roos - Mocon, presented the basics of permeations covering definitions of chemical potential, driving forces, partial pressure, diffusion, solubility, and Fick's law. He then explained the influence on permeation of temperature, humidity and material thickness. Examples of film and package testing were explained, and looking to recent developments active packaging materials combining gas scavengers were examined. In a 2nd lecture, Andreas discussed testing standards, methods, and advances in laboratory equipment.

    Dr Esra Kucukpinar - Fraunhofer Institute, shared her experience of applying permeation data for understanding product shelf life. After explaining the scope of research undertaken at Fraunhofer Institute, delegates were shown numerous examples of the multiple factors affecting shelf life, and the theoretical calculations for optimising material choices. Examples included fresh produce, coffee, and vacuum insulation panels used in the building industry. Dr Kucukpinar then discussed the challenges of developing high barrier films, covering the methods of production, barrier performance measurements and a look to the future applications.

    James Shipman - Camvac, presented an interesting history of the vacuum metallisation process, through to current methods of producing metalised films, their applications and properties. A look at the causes of poor barrier revealed pin holes, fractures and surface contamination as common issues, and James explained how these can be avoided through a variety of technologies.

    Tony Duffy, CAFRA, shared his knowledge of permeability issues for the food industry, within the scope of the training and education undertaken by the packaging team at Loughry College. A review of the main gases and benefits of each used in modified atmosphere packaging was followed by a review of the different methods of processing, and how shelf life can be extended for different products. Finally, Tony discussed the needs for breathable and perforated films to address the different respiration rates of fresh produce.

    Dr Chris Berry - PIRA, explained the testing and consultancy services offered, and for existing users of permeation lab equipment the benefits of the PIRA proficiency service.

    The next Learnshops will be posted on the RDM website, and invitations can be sought by registering for the RDM e-Newsletter, or contacting Phil Neal at RDM Test Equipment.

  • The Handbook of Seal Integrity

    Posted on 30/03/2016

    by Phil Neal

    The Handbook of Seal Integrity in the Food Industry is aimed at people working in food supply chains and associated industries from packing machine operators to quality managers and from retail technical staff to packaging machine designers and maintenance engineers. This well illustrated and comprehensively indexed handbook paints a complete picture of all of the factors that operate together in the creation of food packages with high performing seals.

    A comprehensive review of the reasons for poor seal integrity is included along with suggestions for improvements in maintenance, machine set up and operation. Seal testing systems are featured along with management techniques to ensure a high level of performance and consistency in your business and a right first time approach within packaging systems. The design and operation of the main types of sealing system is reviewed for rigid, semi rigid and flexible packaging systems along with an overview of packing materials such as thermoplastics.

    Finally the handbook looks at innovations in the packaging of food products with a view of developments in packaging materials, sealing systems and on-line seal integrity measurement and monitoring systems.

    The Handbook of Seal Integrity

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