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  • Could this be the fastest Hot Tack Tester on the market?

    Posted on 02/06/2021

    by Hayley Diment

    Could this be the fastest hot tack tester on the market?

    In order to meet the demands of today’s dizzyingly fast production lines, manufacturers need packaging that can survive the rigours of being picked, placed by high speed machines, and zoomed in all directions along conveyor belts. If a packaging film fails, this can render the product unfit for sale, or even unsafe, and so comprehensive testing is vital.

    However, this takes time. Traditionally testing hot tack seal strength was a relatively slow process involving manually loading each film sample into the test machine. The operator would then have to run the test, remove the sample, then load up a new one. Repeat to fade.

    Not anymore. I’m pleased to unveil our new generation of hot tack testing machine, the HT-2PC. It’s the fastest on the market, and able to test the quality and integrity of heat seals within milliseconds of them being formed on a heat sealer.

    Loading and feeding is now automatically controlled and indexed to reduce the possibility of loading errors, while a playlist-style interface allows up to 40 tests to be stacked up and automatically carried out by the machine on the same length of film in rapid succession. If the film breaks, then a touch screen alerts the operator.

    I’m of the opinion that this is a real gamechanger for packaging R&D, and what sets this machine apart is the fact that it’s futureproofed for new developments in the industry. It can handle all sorts of different film types, from traditional hydrocarbon plastics to new environmentally friendly films, and takes the risk of human error affecting test results out of the equation. You can even see trend analysis graphs to provide a detailed picture of film performance and characteristics over multiple test runs.

    The ability to carry out far more testing in much less time ultimately means more reliable packaging, which means less wastage on the production line, and fewer returns. With new types of films being developed all the time, you can now very quickly get an understanding of how they perform, and whether they can withstand the rigours of high-speed production processes.

    For more info about the HT-2PC or to request a quote visit our dedicated page here:

  • Lab testing of hot tack seal strength now quicker and easier

    Posted on 02/06/2021

    by Hayley Diment

    Our HT-2PC Hot Tack Tester features in this months Machinery Update:

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