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  • RDM Permeation Lab achieves near perfect results!

    Posted on 02/01/2019

    by Phil Neal

    Our Mocon Permeation Lab recently achieved near perfect results in the Hemshell Proficiency Testing service for OTR and WVTR.

    Labs from across the world took part in proficiency testing for Oxygen Barrier and Water Vapour Barrier on plastic films. In both cases the RDM lab reported near perfect results, for OTR (an error of 0.011 cc/m2/day) and for WVTR (an error of 0.08gm/m2/day) for films in the range of 0.2 and 2 respectively. All Mocon instruments in our lab are regularly maintained and checked using NIST traceable films so the results didn't come as a surprise.

    If you are dealing with barrier films, you might find our lab service useful to check one or more batches of film. Prices start from a few hundred pounds.