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  • Important Factors in Permeation Testing

    Posted on 24/01/2014

    by Phil Neal

    Graham’s Colloidal Diffusion illustrates the three-step process of permeation through a material. The first step is the sorption of the permeant into the material. Next, the permeant diffuses through the material followed by the final step where it is desorbed from the other side. This entire process is driven by a concentration difference or gradient. Molecules will permeate from the high concentration side of the material to the low concentration side. This will continue until both sides are at equal concentration levels. Learn More...

  • New Portable Carton Tester launched at PackTech Feb 2014

    Posted on 14/01/2014

    by Phil Neal

    The new Newton Portable Carton Tester is being launched at this year’s Packtech exhibition, NEC 26-27 Feb 2014.

    The Newton PCT (portable carton tester) is easily calibrated and fully transportable for rapid quality testing in situ.  It is suitable for testing whole cartons made from corrugated, paper board and waxed carton board up to 230mm wide and 8mm thick.

    Housed in a rugged Storm case with pre-programmed integral lap top, the PCT combines three essential quality control tests.  It measures crease strength, spring back and box-forming force. It also evaluates friction properties to identify potential carton sticking and feeding problems. Data analysis and reporting is provided through the unit’s integral graphic user interface.

    The PCT measures the torque required to form a crease and produces an instantaneous curve that shows the torque for every degree of deflection.   The results facilitate easy comparison between batches and carton types to help achieve performance consistency over time and for multiple sites. Learn More...