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  • Free Materials and Package Testing Opportunity - Total Processing & Packaging Exhibition 4-6 June 2013, Stand No. B91

    Posted on 11/04/2013

    by Phil Neal

    Visitors to Total Processing & Packaging Exhibition 4-6 June 2013, are encouraged to bring their packaging materials and complete packages for free Materials and Package Testing consultation & characterisation, using a range of the latest techniques in measuring Physical Properties, Permeation & Headspace Analysis, and Leak & Package Integrity.

    Physical Properties such as Heat Sealability, Co-efficient of Friction, Tensile/Seal/Peel Strength, and Carton Crease Erection properties.

    Permeation and Headspace Analysis of films and packages, such as Oxygen Transmission, Water Vapour Transmission, CO² Transmission, Dissolved Oxygen, Headspace Oxygen or CO² content, and shelf life studies.

    Leak and Package Integrity of finished packages, such as Package Leak Rate, Theoretical Hole Size, Seal Strength, Seal Creep, and Burst Strength.

    Contact Phil Neal or David Murrell on 01279 817171 or email for further details.