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  • Upcoming AMETEK Virtual Event - March 16th 2021

    Posted on 10/03/2021

    by Hayley Diment

    AMETEK Mocon is in collaboration with RDM Test Equipment, to provide the leading instruments and testing services for permeation transmission rate and package integrity testing.


    We would like to announce that AMETEK is hosting a company-wide Virtual Trade Show from 9 AM to 5 PM EDT on Tuesday, March 16, 2021. The show, which is a first for the company, will feature exciting news and information about products and solutions from across AMETEK’s extensive business portfolio. 


    This interactive, user-friendly event offers customers and industry experts the chance to connect with AMETEK businesses across 63 booths. The show will be divided into three virtual exhibition halls:

    Hall 1: Medical & Health Care and Test, Measurement & Detection (AMETEK MOCON will be included in Hall 1) See the wide selection of health care management services and products for the medical industry, including nursing response stations, custom connectors, specialty metal powders, testing equipment, and more. 

    Hall 2: Automation & Manufacturing and Energy Production & Supply

    Hall 3: Aerospace & Defense Platforms and Research & Development


    For those unable to attend live, or those wanting to revisit information later, all online content will be available on the site to download until June 16, 2021. Attendees will be given access to a digital briefcase to download documents of interest during and following the event. 

    You can learn more about the AMETEK Virtual Trade Show and Register to attend here


  • Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

    Posted on 23/03/2020

    by Hayley Diment

    Dear Customers,

    RDM Test Equipment Ltd is an international trading enterprise with facilities in the UK and USA. We are closely following the developments of the coronavirus and we are adhering to the guidance from relevant authorities and the WHO.

    We have segmented our manufacturing staff and working to a rota system to minimise the risk, our office staff are working from home where possible.
    We have restricted on-site visits and have a plan of action for delivery companies. The company have imposed a travel ban to all field-based staff to all countries.
    We want to assure all our customers, that in these uncertain times, RDM will be working continuously to ensure all our promises are met.
    At this point in time, we have been assured by all our key suppliers that parts and components are available for the foreseeable future although with some delays, our goal is to minimise any disruption to manufacturing.

    An additional update to the above, we are all now working from home however we are contactable by email at

    Our thoughts go to all those affected by the current COVID-19 pandemic in the UK and worldwide.

    Kind regards,

    The RDM Team

  • Launch of the new HT-2PC in India

    Posted on 28/08/2019

    by Hayley Diment

    David Murrell, Managing Director, joins Hemetek Techno Instruments PVT Ltd, Distributor for India, on the first day of the PackPlus exhibition in New Delhi India, where the launch of the new HT-2PC Hot Tack Tester is on show to the Indian packaging market for the first time.

    Check out more information on the new HT-2PC here

  • Introducing OX-TRAN 2/40 OTR Analyzer for Whole Package Testing

    Posted on 25/02/2019

    by Hayley Diment

    AMETEK MOCON Launches OX-TRAN® 2/40 Oxygen Permeation Analyzer for Whole Package Testing of Cups, Trays, Pouches and Other Forms

    AMETEK MOCON, a leading global provider of permeation analyzers, package testing instruments and gas controllers/sensors, has launched a new analytical instrument to measure the oxygen transmission rate (OTR) of whole packages under precisely controlled environmental conditions.

    The new OX-TRAN® 2/40 Oxygen Permeation Analyzer for OTR measurements targets package permeation testing for food, beverage and healthcare packaging applications in which knowing the precise oxygen ingress through a package is critical to a product’s shelf life. Applications for the OX-TRAN 2/40 include permeation testing of thermoformed trays, bottles, flexible pouches, corks, caps, and more. 

    Historically, testing the oxygen permeation of whole packages either suffered from poor control of the test gas conditions, since the package was tested in room air, or required cumbersome set up of an independent environmental chamber that was often difficult to use. Adding to the complexity of legacy package permeation testing, package samples needed to be epoxy adhered and heat removed from reusable plates.

    “With the new OX-TRAN 2/40, whole packages can now be accurately tested for OTR values at controlled humidity and temperature conditions. Samples are changed easily with a new methodology. The chamber is large enough to accommodate and simultaneously test four large packages, each about the size of a two-liter soda bottle,” explains Phillip Tan, Director of Strategic Marketing for AMETEK MOCON. 

    Additionally, this analyzer uses our next generation software platform with automated controls and simple touchscreen display. "The industry finally has a permeation instrument that is designed for accurate and easy package testing,” he concludes. 

    The OX-TRAN 2/40 utilizes MOCON’s industry-standard coulometric sensor, so no calibration is required, and it complies with ASTM F1307 for OTR measurements. 

    For more information on the OX-TRAN 2/40 please click here

  • Data Protection

    Posted on 12/12/2018

    by Hayley Diment

    Here at RDM Test Equipment we are committed to protecting and being open about how we handle your data, to reflect this we have updated our Data Protection Statement.

    There is nothing you need to do but you can view our Data Protection Statement here


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