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  • Choosing the right ASTM method for Oxygen Permeation Testing

    Posted on 30/04/2018

    by Hayley Diment

    This paper provides you with the information necessary to decide which permeation instrument is best suited for your unique application when it comes to determining oxygen transmission rate. It discusses the difference between ASTM D3985 and ASTM F2622, ensuring you get the most accurate, reliable results.

    Download the white paper here

  • Permeation and Barrier Materials Learnshop

    Posted on 28/03/2018

    by Hayley Diment

    The Permeation & Barrier Materials Learnshop

    Weds 16th May 2018 - Heywood, Lancashire, UK

    BOBST, MOCON and RDM Test Equipment are hosting a technical Learnshop focused on Permeation & Barrier Materials at BOBST’s Centre of Excellence for High Barrier in Manchester, UK. 

    The knowledge sharing event is the first step in a new collaboration between the three companies and will focus on permeation properties and application of barrier materials; attendees will find out the latest in barrier material development and market requirements.

    Technical Programme:

    Georgia Gu, Mocon - Permeation and Its Applications. Ultra-High Barriers WVTR Measurement by Absolute Coulometric Method

    Dr Esra Kucukpinar, Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging IVV - Gas & Water Vapor characterization of high barrier laminates for vacuum insulation panels

    Prof Hazel Assender, Department of Materials, University of Oxford - Temperature-dependent permeation measurements to probe water-vapour transport through barrier coating defects

    Dr Charles A. Bishop C.Eng, C.A.Bishop Consulting Ltd - Why it is difficult to vacuum deposit perfect barrier coatings

    Prof Rahul Raveendran Nair, National Graphene Institute, University of Manchester - Permeation characteristics and applications of Graphene

    Roy Christopherson, Amcor - New barrier levels by combining wet chemistry with vacuum deposition technologies 

    Todd Fayne, Pepsico - Discussing permeation and barrier materials from the perspective of a brand owner

    Dr Carolin Struller, Bobst - Barrier solutions for added value packaging performance

    For the full programme please follow this link

    There will be opportunities for knowledge exchange and networking with the speakers and other participants as well as the opportunity to view the latest test equipment which will be on display. 

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  • Technology developments behind heat-sealable substrates

    Posted on 26/10/2017

    by Phil Neal

    Eldridge M. Mount discusses heat sealing methods, product design, seal strength testing and forming peelable seals in this recent article.

    Download the article pdf

  • Mocon launches AQUATRAN 3

    Posted on 11/10/2017

    by Phil Neal

    The next generation AQUATRAN Model 3 WVTR measurement instrument targets ultra high barrier materials that are engineered to push the performance envelope. These include flexible films for organic light-emitting diode (OLED) displays, solar panels and similar demanding applications, which require accurate and extremely sensitive instrumentation to confirm performance attributes.

    The use of OLEDs for consumer electronics, such as televisions and photovoltaics for solar panels, are growing exponentially. However the electronic components within OLED displays are extremely sensitive to water vapour. The slightest exposure to humidity can cause a series of problems that significantly decrease a product's usable life. The AQUATRAN Model 3 with its easy to use interface, puts the testing capability into the hands of a wider user base.

    The AQUATRAN Model 3 measures each molecule of water vapour that passes through the sensor, and requires no calibration. The response is linear throughout the entire measurable range of the sensor, so measurements of ultra barrier materials are guaranteed to be highly accurate and repeatable.

    For more info, or to discuss your testing requirements contact us.

    Download the product brochure pdf.

  • New Packaging Testing Lab and support office for North America

    Posted on 01/08/2017

    by Phil Neal

    We’ve opened a new Packaging Testing Lab and fully equipped sales and service support office in Dallas Texas, to serve the flexible packaging industry in North America. The lab is equipped with significant investment in packaging testing facilities, providing a sales demonstration facility for RDM products and a contract testing lab. Our customers can now benefit from direct after sales support and calibration services for their test equipment.

     Lab facilities include:

    • Laboratory Heat Sealing, Seal Strength Testing and Hot Tack Testing for heat sealability studies of barrier materials.
    • Friction Testers for measuring slip of flat materials such as packaging films.
    • Package Integrity (Leak & Burst) testing for finished packs, such as food and medical device pouches.
    • Medical Heat Sealers for sealing sterile barrier packs in cleanroom environments.

    RDM manufactures testing equipment at its UK Head Office operating under ISO9001 accreditation. We welcome our new colleagues Raghav Shrivastav and Nirmohi Devasthale who graduated from the Universities of Texas and Wisconsin respectively with Masters in Engineering. They have joined our team following extensive product and application training.


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