Seal / Peel Strength

Measurement of properties such as seal strength, peel strength, tensile & crush strength enables material processors and users to determine the quality and process variables of their packaging materials and final packages. Getting the variables wrong on the production line is a costly business in immediate wastage, or worst still, in expensive customer returns. The custom-made nature of modern packaging materials makes it vital to make regular checks as part of a quality management system.

One standard machine with maximum versatility, built in touchscreen controller and grips / fixtures for myriad of testing methods, p.c. software optional. Standard user safety features means you can be confident in choosing an RDM machine for your users, in the lab or by the production line. Our experienced experts are available to ensure we deliver a system perfectly tailored to your exact needs.

RDM Test Equipment have set the standard in precision and reliability for over 30 years. Please Contact Us and we'll work with you to understand your requirements and provide a solution.

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