Pulp, Paper, Carton and Board

A range of Paper, Pulp, Carton and Corrugated Board testing instruments, for a variety of applications, used in quality control and research applications.

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  • FD-1709 Falling Dart Impact Tester

    The FD-1709 Falling Dart Impact Tester determines the impact resistance of plastic film using a free-falling dart.

  • Puncture / Burst Test Jig

    Puncture / Burst Test Jig for use with a Universal Testing Machine

  • TMI 13-56 Burst Tester

    The new and improved 13-56 Burst Tester has been designed for burst and leak testing on Flexible Packaging, such as paper, foils, paper boards, corrugated board, textiles etc

  • TMI 79-15 Crease & Board Stiffness Tester

    Crease and Board Stiffness testing is useful to industries of corrugated, carton board, paper, printing and packaging.

  • Newton Laboratory Carton Tester

    The Newton LCT Carton Tester combines three tests in one instrument - crease strength, box forming force and spring-back with optional friction testing for the ultimate carton analysis and quality assurance.

  • Equotip 550 Leeb U Roll Hardness Tester

    Perfectly suited for large rolls, thin foils and films

  • PaperSchmidt Roll Hardness Tester

    PaperSchmidt is the first rebound hammer designed specifically for roll hardness testing

  • 68-76 Pocket Goniometer PGX+

    The PGX+ measures contact angle (dynamic and static), surface tension, and surface energy

  • TMI 10-20 Digital Ink Rub Tester

    The Digital Ink Rub Tester is designed to measure scuffing or rubbing resistance.

  • TMI 17-11 Corrugated Test Accessories

    Accessories for the Corrugated Testers: Compression Tester 17-76, Universal Compression 17-60

  • TMI 17-36 Short Span Compression Tester

    The Short Span Compression Tester is an advanced microprocessor-controlled instrument for determining the compression strength of fluting medium or test liner, and offers unrivaled repeatability and reproducibility. Considerable cost savings are possible through accurate prediction of corrugated component performance.

  • TMI 17-56 Crush Tester

    The Crush Test is designed as a robust, easy to-use instrument. Exactly what you need when performing crush tests. The Crush Tester is suitable for a wide variety of samples, including corrugated board, tubes, paper and plastics.

  • TMI 17-76 Compression Tester

    Designed in close cooperation with industry, the Compression Tester is rugged enough for any production testing environment. Utilizing intuitive hardware features and menu-driven software, the 17-76 is designed to provide highly accurate measurement of compressive strength for a variety of materials.

  • TMI 17-77 Top Load Compression Tester

    The Top Load Compression Tester meets international standards and corporate testing methods for compression strength requirements for a variety of materials and products. A new enhanced microprocessor design with servo motor provides precision force and position control for repeatable instrument performance.

  • TMI 22-76 Corrugated Sample Cutter

    The Corrugated Sample Cutter is designed to cut a variety of corrugated sample sizes for Edge Crush Tests (ECT) and Pin Adhesion Tests (PAT).

  • TMI 33-29 Schopper Riegler Beating & Freeness Tester

    The Schopper Riegler Beating and Freeness Tester is designed to determine the rate of drainage of a dilute pulp suspension and express it in terms of the Schopper Riegler (SR) value.

  • TMI 40-54 Smith Roll Tightness Tester

    The Smith Roll Tightness Tester determines roll winding uniformity to eliminate roll bursting and press breakdown from poorly wound rolls.

  • TMI 43-61-02 Falling Dart Impact Tester

    Utilizing on-board microprocessor technology the Ray-Ran Microprocessor Controlled Falling Dart Impact Tester has taken falling dart testing machines to an advanced level at an affordable price. Built with operator simplicity in mind, its ease of operation and high accuracy makes it ideal for product development and quality control within production, research and development labs and teaching institutions.

  • TMI 43-62 Falling Dart Impact Tester

    The Advanced Falling Dart Impact Tester is intended for the determination of mechanical properties of packaging material such as plastic films, laminates and paper.

  • TMI 49-56 Digital Micrometer

    Designed for thickness measurements of sheet materials, configurable to meet any ISO, ASTM, EDANA or other International specifications for paper, corrugated, plastics, plastic film, tissue paper, nonwovens, textiles and other sheet like substrates.

  • TMI 49-85 Digital Micrometer for Paper

    Designed specifically with the paper industry in mind, the model 49-85 is configured to meet the international specification and test standard for paper and board.

  • TMI 49-86 Digital Micrometer for thin sheet

    A precision thickness measuring system configurable to meet a variety international specifications and test standards including plastic film, paper, corrugated, tissue paper, non-wovens, textiles and other sheet like substrates.

  • TMI 58-04 PPS Calibration Kit

    The Parker Print-Surf (PPS) Test and Calibration Set enables the instrument user to make statistically valid calibration checks traceable to the reference instrument.

  • TMI 58-05 Automatic Bekk Smoothness Tester

    A microprocessor-controlled instrument for the determination of smoothness of paper and board according to the Bekk Method.

  • TMI 58-05 Bekk Smoothness Test Station

    A completely automated ten-headed test station for the rapid determination of the smoothness of paper and board according to the Bekk method.

  • TMI 58-06 Parker Print-Surf (Single Head)

    The Parker Print-Surf (PPS) is designed to accurately measure the surface roughness of sheet materials.

  • TMI 58-07 Parker Print-Surf (Dual Head)

    A microprocessor-controlled instrument, which performs high speed, precision measurements of paper surface roughness under conditions that simulate those encountered during the printing process.

  • TMI 58-27 Bendtsen Roughness Tester

    The Bendtsen Roughness Tester is a microprocessor-controlled instrument for measuring the roughness and air permeance of paper and board using the Bendtsen method.

  • TMI 61-04 Cobb Sizing Testers

    Cobb sizing testers provide a simple, standardized method for fast determination of the quantity of water absorbed by a paper or board in a given time.

  • TMI 71-01 Chip Class™

    The 71-01 Chip Class™ is designed as a trouble-free chip classification system.

  • TMI 71-20 Somerville Screen

    Shive analysis of pulps, separation of stickies and plastics from recycled fibres

  • TMI 72-15 PFI Beater

    A self-contained,laboratory PFI pulp beater.

  • TMI 73-17 Speed Dryer

    For rapid drying of hand sheets after pressing, prior to evaluation.

  • TMI 73-18 Pulp Disintegrator

    Disintegration of a pulp sample is the mechanical treatment, in water, of interlaced fibers to separate them from one another.

  • TMI 73-19 Hot Disintegrator

    With hot disintegration, pulp shows complete development of strength properties without further treatment.

  • TMI 73-50 Sheet Press

    The TAPPI Standard Sheet Press is designed for ease of operation and accuracy in forming handsheets in accordance with TAPPI standards.

  • TMI 75-08 Vertical Fluter

    The Vertical Fluter is designed to simulate the corrugating of a medium. Its compact, vertical design minimizes bench space.

  • TMI 79-56 Bending Resistance Tester

    Bending Resistance Tester to determine the bending resistance of paper, paperboard, plastic film, medical tubing, and wire. Bending stiffness is a characteristic associated with the rigidity of a material.

  • TMI 80-20 Internal Bond Tester

    The Internal Bond Tester is designed to determine the internal bond strength of a variety of Paper and Board materials according to TAPPI T 569.

  • TMI 80-91 Lab Master® Release & Adhesion Tester

    The Lab Master® Release and Adhesion testing system operates with Windows®-based software, and features the ability to create user-defined test set-up.

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