Packaging Materials & Products

Continual financial pressures on production lines for faster and more efficient performance means manufacturers, converters and end users are constantly striving to shorten the cycle rates on packaging lines. Packaging materials and products are constantly being developed to meet the demand for stronger, tamper resistant and longer life packages.

Companies across the world rely on the accuracy and ease of use of RDM Test Equipment, that's why you can be confident in your choice.

Benefits: • Quality Control of materials, process variables, and end of line materials/packages • Research & Development of the physical characteristics of materials and pack designs • Analyse Shelf Life attributes • Reduced costs, improved sustainability • Increase productivity through optimised package cycle rates, and reduced wastage • Protection/increase brand value • Quality Assurance with on-line analysis • Traceability / Regulatory / Contract compliance, using International Testing Standards.


  • 68-76 Pocket Goniometer PGX+

    The PGX+ measures contact angle (dynamic and static), surface tension, and surface energy

  • NE9 Series - Drying Ovens

    A range of fan assisted circulation drying ovens, with capacities from 15 to 750 litres, and temperature range ambient to 300 C

  • TMI 13-56 Burst Tester

    The new and improved 13-56 Burst Tester has been designed for burst and leak testing on Flexible Packaging, such as paper, foils, paper boards, corrugated board, textiles etc

  • Chalmers DST MD Torsional Stiffness

    The Chalmers DST uniquely measures the MD Torsional Stiffness of corrugated board, to quantify how well the board has been made, how much damage occurred during converting, and how well the board protects it's contents.

  • Gelbo Flex Tester

    Gelbo Flex Tester designed to measure flexible barrier materials for flex durability to ASTM F392

  • HT-1003 Haze Meter

    Designed for plastic sheets, films, glasses, LCD panel, touch screen and other transparent and semi-transparent materials haze and transmittance measurement.

  • LCT Laboratory Carton Tester

    The LCT combines three tests in one instrument - crease strength, box forming force and spring-back with optional friction testing for the ultimate carton analysis and quality assurance.

  • TMI 10-20 Digital Ink Rub Tester

    The Digital Ink Rub Tester is designed to measure scuffing or rubbing resistance.

  • CF-800XS Precision Friction Tester

    Touch Screen Precision Friction Tester for determining Static and Kinetic Friction of packaging materials to ASTM, BS, ISO and TAPPI standards

  • HSG-3 & 5 Gradient Heat Sealers

    For rapid determination of heat sealability of flexible packaging. Produces 3 or 5 independently temperature controlled seals, up to 15mm wide x 30mm long.

  • SST-3XS Seal Strength / Tensile / Compression Tester

    Touchscreen Precision Seal Strength / Tensile / Compression Tester for determining the strength of packaging materials including plastics, paper and board.

  • TH-1003-M Haze Meter

    Designed for plastic sheets, films, glasses, LCD panel, touch screen and other transparent and semi-transparent materials haze and transmittance measurement.

  • Haze-gard i

    The BYK Haze-gard i quantifies the visual perception of films with objective measurement data.

  • HS-2 Laboratory Heat Sealer

    For precise measurement of heat sealability of flexible packaging. Produces seals up to 50mm long x 5 to 25mm wide.

  • HS-650 Medical Heat Sealer

    For production of high quality heat seals in flexible packaging. Produces seals up to 650mm long x 10mm wide.

  • HSB-1 Laboratory Heat Sealer

    For production of heat seals and/or measurement of heat sealability of flexible packaging. Produces seals up to 300mm long x 5 to 25mm wide.

  • HSE-3 Laboratory Heat Sealer

    For production of high quality heat seals and/or precise measurement of heat sealability of flexible packaging. Produces seals up to 300mm long x 5 to 25mm wide.

  • HT-1XS Hot Tack Tester

    Touch Screen Precision Hot Tack Tester for determination of the hot tack seal strength of flexible packaging materials, to ASTM F1921.

  • Lippke® 4000

    DISCONTINUED - replaced by Lippke 5000
    Leakage Testing and Seal Strength Testing of flexible, semi-rigid and rigid packages.

  • Lippke® 4500

    DISCONTINUED - replaced by Lippke 5000
    PC-controlled Leak and Seal Strength Test System for Flexible and Semi Rigid Packages

  • Lippke® 5000

    Leak and seal strength testing of all types of flexible, semi-rigid and rigid packages using air pressurization

  • OX-TRAN ® 2/22

    The world's most advanced Oxygen permeation measurement system. Fully automatic testing, fast set-up, faster results, no Oxygen sensor calibration needed.

  • PGW-M Precision Balances

    A range of Precision Balances designed to meet the needs of Laboratories, Schools, Industry and Commercial users.

  • PMB Moisture Balances

    The PMB takes the hassle out of moisture analysis, for fast and accurate results.

  • Taber 5750 Linear Abraser

    The Taber® Linear Abraser incorporates a "freefloating head" that strokes in a linear motion and can test virtually any size or shape- flat, concave or convex.

  • Taber 5900 Reciprocating Abraser

    The Taber Reciprocating Abraser can be configured to evaluate the susceptibility of a material surface to abrasion, scratch, scrape, rub, plus many other physical properties.

  • Taber 710 Multi-Finger Scratch/Mar Tester

    The design of Taber's Multi-Finger Scratch / Mar Tester is based on the apparatus described in automotive specifications, which is commonly referred to as a five-finger (five-arm) scratch & mar tester.

  • TMI 17-36 Short Span Compression Tester

    The Short Span Compression Tester is an advanced microprocessor-controlled instrument for determining the compression strength of fluting medium or test liner, and offers unrivaled repeatability and reproducibility. Considerable cost savings are possible through accurate prediction of corrugated component performance.

  • TMI 17-56 Crush Tester

    The Crush Test is designed as a robust, easy to-use instrument. Exactly what you need when performing crush tests. The Crush Tester is suitable for a wide variety of samples, including corrugated board, tubes, paper and plastics.

  • TMI 17-76 Compression Tester

    Designed in close cooperation with industry, the Compression Tester is rugged enough for any production testing environment. Utilizing intuitive hardware features and menu-driven software, the 17-76 is designed to provide highly accurate measurement of compressive strength for a variety of materials.

  • TMI 17-77 Top Load Compression Tester

    The Top Load Compression Tester meets international standards and corporate testing methods for compression strength requirements for a variety of materials and products. A new enhanced microprocessor design with servo motor provides precision force and position control for repeatable instrument performance.

  • TMI 22-76 Corrugated Sample Cutter

    The Corrugated Sample Cutter is designed to cut a variety of corrugated sample sizes for Edge Crush Tests (ECT) and Pin Adhesion Tests (PAT).

  • TMI 32-25 Inclined Plane Friction Tester

    Slide Angle Friction is a measurement of the angle of inclination at which one substrate affixed to a sled will begin to slide/slip against another substrate of a similar material.

  • TMI 32-91 Lab Master® Slip & Friction Tester with Elevator System

    The Lab Master® Slip and Friction Tester with Elevator System is designed to precisely determine the friction characteristics of a variety of materials. The instrument removes operator variability from the test procedure with specially designed features to control sled placement rate, orientation/angle, dwell time, and removal.

  • TMI 33-29 Schopper Riegler Beating & Freeness Tester

    The Schopper Riegler Beating and Freeness Tester is designed to determine the rate of drainage of a dilute pulp suspension and express it in terms of the Schopper Riegler (SR) value.

  • TMI 40-54 Smith Roll Tightness Tester

    The Smith Roll Tightness Tester determines roll winding uniformity to eliminate roll bursting and press breakdown from poorly wound rolls.

  • TMI 43-62 Falling Dart Impact Tester

    The Advanced Falling Dart Impact Tester is intended for the determination of mechanical properties of packaging material such as plastic films, laminates and paper.

  • TMI 46-02-01-0001 Standard Melt Flow System

    The 6MBA is the basic model offered within the Ray-Ran Range of Melt Flow Indexers. The manually operated test procedure is very simple to undertake.

  • TMI 46-02-01-0002 Advanced Melt Flow System

    The 6MPCA is the most advanced digital model offered within the Ray-Ran range of melt flow index testers. The operating procedure is simple to undertake using its on-board advanced microprocessor technology.

  • TMI 49-56 Digital Micrometer

    Designed for thickness measurements of sheet materials, configurable to meet any ISO, ASTM, EDANA or other International specifications for paper, corrugated, plastics, plastic film, tissue paper, nonwovens, textiles and other sheet like substrates.

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