Thickness Measurement

A range of Thickness Gauges for a variety of applications, used in quality control and research applications.

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Guide to Thickness Testing for Plastic Films

Guide to Improving Measurement Precision

Guide to Selecting Thickness Measurement Technology


  • DM5025 25mm Snap Micrometer

    Lever operated micrometer allows for rapid measurements of flat sheet materials.

  • DML3032 Digital Thickness Gauge

    Precision digital thickness gauge that allows the user to take quick, accurate measurements.

  • DML3034 Digital Thickness Gauge

    Precision Digital Thickness Gauge with extended 'reach' intended for measurements up to 120mm (4.7") from the edge of film or sheet material

  • DML3701 Bench Thickness Gauge

    Bench thickness gauge designed to give consistency between different operators

  • TMI 49-56 Digital Micrometer

    Designed for thickness measurements of sheet materials, configurable to meet any ISO, ASTM, EDANA or other International specifications for paper, corrugated, plastics, plastic film, tissue paper, nonwovens, textiles and other sheet like substrates.

  • TMI 49-85 Digital Micrometer for Paper

    Designed specifically with the paper industry in mind, the model 49-85 is configured to meet the international specification and test standard for paper and board.

  • TMI 49-86 Digital Micrometer

    A precision thickness measuring system configurable to meet a variety international specifications and test standards including plastic film, paper, corrugated, tissue paper, non-wovens, textiles and other sheet like substrates.

  • TMI 35-12-03 Calibrated Gauge Blocks

    Includes blocks: .010", .10", .20", .30", .40", .50". Certificate of Compliance included. ASME B89 Grade 0.

  • Bench Micrometer (Dial)

    Bench Micrometer (Dial) with 100mm throat depth, Range 0 to 10mm, manual action.