Ink, Printing & Coating

Continual financial pressures on production lines for faster and more efficient performance means manufacturers, converters and end users are constantly striving to shorten the cycle rates on packaging lines. Packaging materials and products are constantly being developed to meet the demand for stronger, tamper resistant and longer life packages.

Companies across the world rely on the accuracy and ease of use of RDM Test Equipment, that's why you can be confident in your choice.

Benefits: • Quality Control of materials, process variables, and end of line materials/packages • Research & Development of the physical characteristics of materials and pack designs • Analyse Shelf Life attributes • Reduced costs, improved sustainability • Increase productivity through optimised package cycle rates, and reduced wastage • Protection/increase brand value • Quality Assurance with on-line analysis • Traceability / Regulatory / Contract compliance, using International Testing Standards.


  • Cooled Incubators

    A range of Cooled Incubators, with capacities from 56 to 750 litres, and temperature range from -10deg.C to 70deg.C

  • Drying Ovens

    A range of fan assisted circulation drying ovens, with capacities from 15 to 750 litres, and temperature range ambient to 300 deg.C

  • Haze-gard i

    The BYK Haze-gard i quantifies the visual perception of films with objective measurement data.

  • HS-2 Laboratory Heat Sealer

    For precise measurement of heat sealability of flexible packaging. Produces seals up to 50mm long x 5 to 25mm wide.

  • HSB-1 Laboratory Heat Sealer

    For production of heat seals and/or measurement of heat sealability of flexible packaging. Produces seals up to 300mm long x 5 to 25mm wide.

  • HSE-3 Laboratory Heat Sealer

    For production of high quality heat seals and/or precise measurement of heat sealability of flexible packaging. Produces seals up to 300mm long x 5 to 25mm wide.

  • HSG-3 & 5 Gradient Heat Sealers

    For rapid determination of heat sealability of flexible packaging. Produces 3 or 5 independently temperature controlled seals, up to 15mm wide x 30mm long.

  • HT-1XS Hot Tack Tester

    Touch Screen Precision Hot Tack Tester for determination of the hot tack seal strength of flexible packaging materials, to ASTM F1921.

  • Novo Gloss Lite 45º Glossmeter

    The Novo-Gloss Lite 45º measures gloss using a specialist geometry often specified in film industries.

  • OpTech®-O2 Platinum

    Optical fluorescence Oxygen Analyser for measuring Headspace, Dissolved Oxygen, and Oxygen Permeation of films and packages.

  • OX-TRAN ® 2/22

    The world's most advanced Oxygen permeation measurement system. Fully automatic testing, fast set-up, faster results, no Oxygen sensor calibration needed.


    The world's most advanced Water Vapour permeation measurement system. Fully automatic testing, fast set-up, faster results, lower cost of ownership.

  • SST-3XS Seal Strength / Tensile / Compression Tester

    Touchscreen Precision Seal Strength / Tensile / Compression Tester for determining the strength of packaging materials including plastics, paper and board.

  • Taber 5155 Rotary Abraser

    This instrument has been accepted worldwide as a standard for wear and abrasion research, quality and process control, materials evaluation, and product development.

  • Taber 5750 Linear Abraser

    The Taber® Linear Abraser incorporates a "freefloating head" that strokes in a linear motion and can test virtually any size or shape- flat, concave or convex.

  • Taber 5900 Reciprocating Abraser

    The Taber Reciprocating Abraser can be configured to evaluate the susceptibility of a material surface to abrasion, scratch, scrape, rub, plus many other physical properties.

  • Taber 710 Multi-Finger Scratch/Mar Tester

    The design of Taber's Multi-Finger Scratch / Mar Tester is based on the apparatus described in automotive specifications, which is commonly referred to as a five-finger (five-arm) scratch & mar tester.

  • TMI 10-20 Digital Ink Rub Tester

    The Digital Ink Rub Tester is designed to measure scuffing or rubbing resistance.

  • TMI 32-25 Inclined Plane Friction Tester

    Slide Angle Friction is a measurement of the angle of inclination at which one substrate affixed to a sled will begin to slide/slip against another substrate of a similar material.

  • TMI 32-91 Lab Master® Slip & Friction Tester with Elevator System

    The Lab Master® Slip and Friction Tester with Elevator System is designed to precisely determine the friction characteristics of a variety of materials. The instrument removes operator variability from the test procedure with specially designed features to control sled placement rate, orientation/angle, dwell time, and removal.

  • TMI 49-56 Digital Micrometer

    Designed for thickness measurements of sheet materials, configurable to meet any ISO, ASTM, EDANA or other International specifications for paper, corrugated, plastics, plastic film, tissue paper, nonwovens, textiles and other sheet like substrates.

  • TMI 49-86 Digital Micrometer for thin sheet

    A precision thickness measuring system configurable to meet a variety international specifications and test standards including plastic film, paper, corrugated, tissue paper, non-wovens, textiles and other sheet like substrates.

  • TMI 56-15 Electric Incinerator

    The Electric Incinerator is designed to efficiently determine ash content in paper.

  • TMI 58-05 Automatic Bekk Smoothness Tester

    A microprocessor-controlled instrument for the determination of smoothness of paper and board according to the Bekk Method.

  • TMI 58-05 Bekk Smoothness Test Station

    A completely automated ten-headed test station for the rapid determination of the smoothness of paper and board according to the Bekk method.

  • TMI 58-06 Parker Print-Surf (Single Head)

    The Parker Print-Surf (PPS) is designed to accurately measure the surface roughness of sheet materials.

  • TMI 58-07 Parker Print-Surf (Dual Head)

    A microprocessor-controlled instrument, which performs high speed, precision measurements of paper surface roughness under conditions that simulate those encountered during the printing process.

  • TMI 58-27 Bendtsen Roughness Tester

    The Bendtsen Roughness Tester is a microprocessor-controlled instrument for measuring the roughness and air permeance of paper and board using the Bendtsen method.

  • TMI 61-04 Cobb Sizing Testers

    Cobb sizing testers provide a simple, standardized method for fast determination of the quantity of water absorbed by a paper or board in a given time.

  • TMI 61-76 Absorption Characteristic Tester ACT

    This innovative principle offers a completely new opportunity to characterize and understand the phenomena of dynamic water absorption.

  • TMI 68-76 Pocket Goniometer PGX+

    The PocketGoniometer PGX+ is a portable, video-based instrument to determine the static contact angle at “equilibrium” or a sequence of images to measure the dynamic wetting, rate of sorption and spreading as a function of time.

  • TMI 68-76-01 Pocket Goniometer Dosing Unit

    The PG Dosing Unit is a stand-alone pump used in unison with the PGX+ to measure contact angle.

  • TMI 68-96 DAT Dynamic Absorption Tester

    Contact angle measurement is an empirical tool for understanding the wetting between a liquid and a substrate. The DAT Dynamic Absorption Tester offers a range of integrated instruments, for research as well as quality control.

  • TMI 79-05 Taber Stiffness Tester

    The Stiffness Tester utilizes a two directional pendulum-type weighing system to evaluate material stiffness, flexural strength, resiliency and elasticity properties.

  • TMI 79-11 Crease & Board Stiffness Tester

    Crease and Board Stiffness testing is useful to industries of carton board, paper, printing and packaging. The relationship between board stiffness and crease recovery (spring back) is an important factor in the performance of cartons on high speed packaging machines and in manual folding.

  • TMI 79-25 Bending Resistance Tester

    The Bending Resistance Tester Model 79-25 is a user-friendly microprocessor controlled instrument to determine the bending resistance of paper, paperboard, plastic film, medical tubing, and wire.

  • TMI 80-20 Internal Bond Tester

    The Internal Bond Tester is designed to determine the internal bond strength of a variety of Paper and Board materials according to TAPPI T 569.

  • TMI 80-91 Lab Master® Release & Adhesion Tester

    The Lab Master® Release and Adhesion testing system operates with Windows®-based software, and features the ability to create user-defined test set-up.

  • TMI 83-20 Elmendorf Tear Tester (Paper, Film, Foil)

    Tear testing measures the force required to continue the tearing of an initial cut in sheet materials. Models and weights are available to test material with a variety of strengths. This is also useful to evaluate strength of perforated materials.

  • TMI 83-76 Elmendorf Tear Tester

    An automated tear tester equipped with an optical encoder for measuring the angular position of the pendulum during tearing and converting this measurement to tear units.