ISO 3034

Corrugated fibreboard -- Determination of single sheet thickness

  • TMI 49-56 Digital Micrometer

    Designed for thickness measurements of sheet materials, configurable to meet any ISO, ASTM, EDANA or other International specifications for paper, corrugated, plastics, plastic film, tissue paper, nonwovens, textiles and other sheet like substrates.

  • TMI 49-86 Digital Micrometer for thin sheet

    A precision thickness measuring system configurable to meet a variety international specifications and test standards including plastic film, paper, corrugated, tissue paper, non-wovens, textiles and other sheet like substrates.

  • TMI 49-87 Digital Micrometer for films

    Digital Micrometer combines a precision thickness measuring system with an ultra-clear, easy-to-read digital display. The motor-driven instrument utilizes the dead weight micrometer principle for high accuracy and repeatability.